CFP National Championship Game 2016: Roll Tide

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Roll Tide. 1

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Winners and Losers of the CFP Championship

Yes, Alabama won, and Clemson lost. But there were other winners and losers too.

Loser: Anyone who took the Under on the Score Total

Look, we don't blame you. This was looking like a low scoring game before it started. But the score Over/Under was 51. Actual score was 85. Which leads us to our next winner...

Winner: Anybody who Watched This Game

The Semifinals on New Year's Eve sucked. Both games were blowouts. One was a shutout. The ratings tanked, and apparently ESPN is suffering. The staff of the Ruddy Report threw a pizza party and forgot the games were even on. 7

But this game was fantastic! There were five lead changes, including Alabama overcoming a deficit in the 4th quarter. There was a lot of scoring! There wasn't bad officiating; the refs stayed out of the way and only called six penalties. There was only one turnover. There were five offensive touchdowns of 24 yards or more. There was an eye popping 95 yard kick return touchdown by Kenyan Drake.8 There was even a successfully recovered surprise onside kick in the 4th. Simply put, this game had everything.

Possible Loser: ESPN

With such a great game, one would think that ESPN comes away with the biggest win of the night. There's a wrinkle, however. Bleacher Report has the ratings for the game, and they're down. Not quite sure what that means. They note that the full viewership numbers aren't out yet. This might have something to do with the many alternate and digital ways that ESPN provided people with to watch this game, but it also might have to do with a growing number of cord cutters.

Winner: Deshaun Watson

Watson played really well: he went 30/47 for 405 yards passing, giving him 8.6 yards per attempt, four passing touchdowns, a team leading 73 rushing yards, and only one interception, which didn't seem to matter going into the locker room with the score tied at half time. 9 He put the team on his arm. He was obviously the best player on the field; the kid was electric. Watson's stock is only rising. Cousin Sal put it best:

Look out, Jared Goff!

Winner: Casinos

The Vegas favorite won, but not by enough. Clemson had a back-door-cover late in the game, and this was good for casinos. Says Ed Salmons, to ESPN:

It was enormous for us. It's just like the Super Bowl. You want the favorite to win because there are a lot of underdog bets on the money line, but you don't want them to cover the spread. So it worked out perfectly for us.

That's right, you degenerates. This game lost most of you money.

Winner: Class

After the debacle that was the Steelers-Bengals game this weekend, this game was a joy to watch. Both teams were composed, both teams fought hard, both teams played a clean game. Instead of attacking each other's organizations, Saban and Swinney made a friendly wager on the game. This is what happens when you have solid coaching and leaders of men on the field-these college "boys" conducted themselves with a whole lot more maturity and class than the "men" in the aforementioned NFL organizations.

Kashev Checks in on RR Over-Unders

Dabo Defeated.


  1. Cover Photo Courtesy of CFPlayoff Twitter.

  2. The more you know!

  3. May we never forget that this happened. I love you, Hairball (nickname courtesy of Dad Ruddy).

  4. Although we like space more.

  5. For all you NFL fans out there-the clock is actually supposed to stop after a first down.

  6. Heads up move by Swinney, though he understandably wasn't happy about it

  7. It's not what you're thinking. Okay, I guess it is.

  8. No, this is not the same Drake who plays point guard for the Raptors.

  9. ESPN. All the stats in this article are from this page, unless noted otherwise.

  10. We noted that Alabama is bigger than Clemson inside the box, which was what really made this surprising.

  11. Photo Courtesy of The Big Lead.

  12. I have no way to Google for this graphic. I wish I could, but I do not know the words.

  13. No respect for white running backs.

  14. Yeah, I didn't watch that video either.

  15. There was a grace period during the actual broadcast, but it's starting now. First, people figured out that Saban is not ready to retire, then the Bucs apparently thought for some reason that they have the clout to consider Saban, leading some to decide that they should break the bank for him. But everyone knows that Saban will never leave Bama.